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Beef bacon


This is an exclusive BoolArson recipe that uses genuine beef bacon.

It is simple to make, it calls for the the cuts from the Brisket/flank of the animal to be salted and then steamed.

Bacone is an alternative for those who want to eat Pancetta, but would rather eat beef than pork.


Product Description

Name: Bacone

Description: Bacone

Ingredients: flank, water, salt, herbs and spices dextrose, fructose, antioxidant e30, Preservative: Sodium Nitrate

Origin of Meat: Italy

Storage: 0°c- 4°c


Serving suggestions

It can be sliced and roasted for sandwiches, or served hot and crispy with fried egg or chopped in a salad. It can also be used in pasta sauces such as carbonara or amatriciana.

Bacone is best served heated: brown the slices in a frying pan for two minutes.

Once opened cover in cling film or tin foil and keep in fridge.



Nutritional Information

Average value per 100g

Humidity 63%
Protein 16%
Fats 18%
Ash 3%
Calories 230 kcal

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