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MILAN SAKE FESTIVAL – Day 2 Day for professionals. At Cascina Cuccagna, Via Privata Cuccagna, 2-20135 Milan FOR PROFESSIONALS ONLY (Media, Bartender, Sommelier …), tasting counters with over 100 labels in free tasting and 4 free seminars Milan Sake Festival is the annual event, organized by the cultural association La Via del Sake to get […]

INGREDIENTI slices of pastrami BoolArson fresh bread Abruzzo aged pecorino cheesee pickled tomatoes Typically you use fresh bread type turtle. The sandwich “Homemade” with Pastrami BoolArson is just one of many examples of sandwiches that you can eat from “Scott Duff” Birrerua Artisan – Via Volta, 13 Milan

Heat the bread slices on a plate and coat the first layer of mustard Add the slices of Cheddar cheese Slices of tomato and cucumber flavored Stuff with plenty Pastrami BoolArson still add mustard to taste make toast, cut into four serving

 PastraMI ‘ BoolArson: flanchet is the raw material used. Softer and passionate, for palates more ‘accustomed to the classic pastrami flavor North – American The pastrami sandwich is one of the most distinctive Made in USA and imported in the early twentieth century, mainly used as street food The Pastrami BoolArson filling should have the […]

Bagel Pastrami Bottega 12 INGREDIENTS 70 g di Pastrami cheddar cheese mustard q.b flavored cucumbers Normally one uses the type sandwich bread but the Pastrami BoolArson sliced is great for even stuff a bagel. Usually the filling of these rolls is very rich. The Pastrami sandwich is just one of many examples of sandwiches that […]

The Market of Taste , entirely dedicated to food and wine specialties of excellence . A market unique and original , it retains the characteristics of traditional markets.

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