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Pastrami BoolArson is produced and packaged in Italy. It revisits an ancient recipe of Cappadocia. Born from the need to preserve meat for long periods, the beef brisket is marinated, spiced, smoked and lightly steamed.

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We present new PAstraMI': flanchet is the raw material used. Softer and passionate, it is to have a place on the most mature market, and probably going to palates more accustomed to classical flavor of the North American pastrami.

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BoolArson has chosen to offer their vacuum packed ingredients for maintaining unaltered the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics.
Pastrami : packaging tray 100 gr to the final consumer, in vacuum kg  and 2.5 kg . 0.4
PAstraMI ' : In vacuum kg . 2.0

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With black bread loaves or other, the big grainy mustard or horseradish sauce, accompanied by classic Mediterranean vegetables, pastrami  BoolArson is always a winning formula for your suggestions!

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