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Pastrami softer and passionate, it is to have a place on the most mature market, and probably going to palates more accustomed to classic flavor of the pastrami North - American.

PAstraMI' : flanchet is the raw material used, carefully prepared for a long and slow cooking in vacuum during which acquires all the aromas of spicy characteristic.
The smoking cycle remains lightweight and non-invasive to better express the aromas acquired in the first processing cycle.

Packed in vacuum, it is accompanied by his working background that best preserves the features.

PAstraMI' is dedicated to a great friend who invented the name, Antonio Ragni.


Vacuum kg.  2,00  each.
Serving suggestion
The recipes for the Pastrami are numerous, it is a versatile product, and some examples can be found on the site, we remain of the view that the black bread in baskets or other, coarse grained mustard and a good horseradish sauce, accompanied by classic Mediterranean vegetables, are always a winning formula for your proposals.




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